FL283 Dual 8″ Subcardioid Line Array Module

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FL283 Dual 8" Subcardioid Line Array Module

  • Operating Mode: Single-amplified w/ DSP
  • Operating Range: 54 Hz to 18.6 kHz
  • LF Transducers: 2x 8.0” ceramic magnetic cone driver, 2.0” voice coil
  • HF Transducers: 3x 1.4” titanium diaphragm, neodymium magnet compression driver
  • Power Handling at Nominal Impedance: 89 V / 500 W @ 16 Ω
  • Equalized Maximum SPL (peak / continuous):
    One Module: 128 dB / 122 dB
    Four Modules: 140 dB / 134 dB
    Six Modules: 143 dB / 137 dB
    Eight Modules: 146 dB / 140 dB
    Twelve Modules: 150 dB / 144 dB
The FL283 is a subcardioid line array module intended for permanent installation in a wide range of venues. It includes dual 8 inch horn-loaded woofers and three 1.4 inch compression drivers in a compact enclosure. The enclosure is shaped to accommodate up to 20 degrees of splay between adjacent enclosures, allowing for more sharply curved arrays than comparable line arrays. Each FL283 module is configured for full-range passive operation at 16 ohms, allowing up to eight units to be driven from a single power amplifier channel. Up to twelve modules may be suspended with a 10:1 design factor.

The FL283 incorporates Fulcrum’s patent-pending Passive Cardioid Technology™ to overcome one of the major challenges of most line arrays: excessive rear LF radiation. Unlike active cardioid loudspeakers, Fulcrum’s passive cardioid technology does not require an additional amplifier channel or additional enclosure volume to achieve its impressive low frequency directional control.

The subcardioid behavior is produced by a meticulously conceived acoustical circuit which balances the horn loading of the low frequency drivers, the enclosure depth and volume, and specially constructed rear-mounted ports which include a calibrated resistive element. By opting for a subcardioid pattern as opposed to a pure, hyper or super cardioid pattern, the rear rejection increases when the modules are deployed as a curved line array.

Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ™ processing is an integral part of the FL283 design. Sound, innovative acoustical design combined with state of the art digital processing leads to exceptional clarity and precise transient response, even at very high sound pressure levels. The required digital signal processing can be provided by one of many supported platforms. Note that FL Series loudspeakers must use Level 1 processing.
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