Designed by Idibri
Installed by Clair Global

Q2 Stadium opened in 2021 as the new home to Austin’s Major League Soccer team. Idibri worked with the project architect, Gensler, to design an audio system that delivers consistent, high-fidelity sound with high output capabilities for the 20,000+ capacity space.


  • Create a high-fidelity, full-range sound system capable of smooth coverage, high output, musicality, and good speech intelligibility.
  • Create a consistent sonic profile between the stadium bowl and the adjacent stadium clubs.


Idibri designed a system around Fulcrum Acoustic’s FH-Series Full Range Coaxial Horn loudspeakers for coverage of the stadium bowl. The FHs were installed by Clair Global in clusters mounted from the roof overhang. Clusters feature a long-throw, short-throw or a short-, mid-, long-throw configuration depending on the height of the seating sections.

The large horn of the FH15 maintains the strict pattern control required to concentrate sound on spectators. The FH’s smooth pattern ensures uniformity when handing off a coverage zone to a neighboring loudspeaker. “The large horn format in variety of available patterns made the FH the right loudspeaker for the job” says system designer Ben Boeshans, a Senior Consultant from Idibri.

For subwoofers, Idibri selected Fulcrum’s Sub218L Dual 18” Direct Radiating Subwoofers which were also mounted from the roof overhang. “The low frequency extension of the FH works really well. It allowed us to configure the subs for low frequency effect rather than filling in the lower frequency portion of main speakers,” Boeshans continues.

The facility owners wanted the fidelity of the club areas to be comparable to similar sized event spaces in Austin as all clubs are utilized during the week as hospitality spaces. Luke Krogness from Idibri designed a system centered on Fulcrum Acoustic’s Prophile S loudspeakers for the field club. “The Prophile speakers match the full range of the FHs remarkably well,” says Krogness. “We only required four of Fulcrum’s US212 subwoofers because the Prophiles have such great low frequency response on their own.” Krogness deployed two of Fulcrum’s CX896 Compact Coaxial Loudspeakers for adjoining interview room.

The West Club on the concourse level features four US212 subwoofers and eight Fulcrum DX896 Dual 8” Coaxial Loudspeakers embedded into recessed wall niches. “The DX8 fits well in the limited space available yet delivers the full range of sound we were seeking,” says Krogness. “The rotatable horns were very helpful in order to match the room’s coverage requirements.”

The Concourse Level East Club consists of fourteen Prophile S loudspeakers mounted at the ceiling and aimed straight down. The ceiling structure is also black so the speakers integrate quite well. “Their patterns deliver impactful sound without bleeding into each other,” says Krogness.

A beer garden on the upper concourse is separate from the facility yet the Q2 staff wanted the same fidelity and energy as the rest of the system. Fulcrum Acoustic’s compact RX599 5” Coaxial Loudspeakers were tucked between ceiling baffles while additional Prophile P loudspeakers were installed between duct work to remain out of sight. “The small size of these cabinets fit appropriately despite the crowded electrical and plumbing elements,” says Krogness. The US208 Dual 8” Direct-Radiating Subwoofers added low frequency extension in a ~10″ cabinet height to fit within the limited available space remaining. “The small enclosure from the US208s fit the space well to deliver low frequency support,” says Krogness.

Fulcrum Acoustic’s domestic manufacturing allows coordinated “just in time” deliveries to the site, reducing the need for on-site storage of loudspeakers during construction.

In the 2022 MLSPA’s Player Voices Poll, Major League Soccer players voted Q2 Stadium as their favorite MLS stadium to play in.

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