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Meet the Crew

“Captain” Kirk Lombardo

Loudspeaker Engineer

Alyson Teller

Production Analyst, Eye of the Hurricane


Alyson has been involved in manufacturing for over 20 years and had worked in every position from assembly to production planner. She is an avid reader and enjoys a good romance novel. At Fulcrum she receives incoming materials, assists with lead time queries and cycle counts, researches inventory issues, and handles all returns.

Chaz Goodman

Marketing Manager, Wisecracker, Banjo Picker


Chaz creates the physical and digital marketing materials for Fulcrum Acoustic. He focuses on expanding Fulcrum’s web presence and creating support materials for the sales team. Prior to Fulcrum, Chaz worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago where he learned the value of targeted marketing to achieve fundraising goals. As a musician, the banjo is his weapon of choice yet he has also been known to wield the guitar, piano, violin, and singing saw; all while singing with a voice of ethereal honey.

Janet Yacino

Order Entry Specialist, Red Sox & Patriots Fan, Munchkin Procurement Officer


Janet assumed her newly created position managing Fulcrum’s order entry process in 2018. She has extensive pro audio experience and far-ranging interests which include Boston sports and island cruises. Janet has also has worked nights as a bartender while holding down a full-time job, a testament to her strong work ethic as well as a potentially valuable Fulcrum skill set.

Jeffrey Baker

Purchasing & Logistics, Eternal Rocker


Jeffrey joined Fulcrum in 2017, bringing decades of pro audio industry purchasing and logistics management experience to the table. When not deftly managing our materials purchasing, completed order shipment and incoming shipment receipt, don’t be surprised to find Jeffrey taking center stage as lead vocalist for high-energy rock bands in and around Central Massachusetts.

Don Williams

CAD Designer/Technician, Luthier, Jack of All Trades


Don’s wide-ranging design and engineering experience makes him a great fit for Fulcrum’s R&D department. On any given day you can find him designing loudspeaker enclosures, building crossover prototypes, or running polar tests. And if that isn’t enough, Don also custom designs and builds acoustic guitars, and the occasional ukulele, in his spare time. Don graduated from MIT in 2037 with PhD’s in Quantum Mechanics and Applied Time Displacement Theory. He spent the next several years developing projects for the US Government. That part of his career was cut short when he decided to move to New England to pursue other ventures. He settled happily in New England in 1999 to live out a quiet and peaceful life. When asked why he left his former life behind, he stated that the world simply wasn’t ready for time travel.

Ken VanCott

Production Manager, Plywood Whisperer


Ken is an experienced woodworker, with substantial experience building and troubleshooting loudspeaker enclosures. As Fulcrum’s Production Manager, he oversees all areas of production. His strong “get things done” work ethic is always present but is sometimes masked by his New England chahm. His “Ken-isms” can lighten any mood. One hand washes the other…

And, if you need almost anything done, Ken knows a guy.

Paula “The Fixer” Bertou

Director of Admin, General Enforcer


Paula leads the A/P, A/R, Credit, HR and general Finance activities.

Her in-house “iron fist in a velvet glove” approach keeps the rest of the team on the straight and narrow.

Todd “Ziggy Starbucks” Foster

Director of Sales, Man About Town


Todd started his music/audio life as a drummer before realizing that an income would be beneficial. While studying recording technology at the University of Memphis, Todd had the opportunity to operate sound for, and make live recordings for musical groups of many styles. This triggered his interest in large room acoustics and sound system design. At that point, he emerged from the cocoon of the studio and hit the road. For the last 20 years, Todd has filled the roles of sales engineer, system designer, regional manufacturers’ rep, rep firm owner, acoustical consultant and church technical director. He enjoys analyzing technical needs and helping create practical solutions to fill them. He is in constant competition with Andy for the Fulcrum caffeine consumption prize.

Rich Frembes

Product Development, Processor Settings, Support Materials, Product Support, Amateur Meteorologist, Receptionist


Rich joined Fulcrum Acoustic in 2009 after almost ten years with Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). During his time with EAW, he advanced steadily through several positions in application/customer support and product development. He also consulted on custom loudspeaker projects and conducted on-site system optimization sessions for high-profile clients. At Fulcrum, he works closely with Dave on all aspects of the product line. A native of Michigan, Rich worked as a FOH and monitor engineer with regional and touring bands in the Midwest. It has been said that Rich can detect the amplitude and frequency of a mosquito’s whine, and then provide that mosquito with high-fidelity concert amplification. In his spare time, Rich contemplates the fate of neo-capitalist ideologies in a poststructural era. He is also an inveterate collector of wooden spoons. In 2014, Rich was the recipient of the prestigious Willard Scott medallion for his life-long dedication to the pursuit of weather monitoring and forecasting.

Andrew Jordan

Director of Manufacturing, Zen Influence, Comic Relief


Andy is responsible for overseeing all manufacturing operations including production, scheduling, purchasing and order coordination. Previous to joining Fulcrum, Andy spent nearly twelve years at Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) working in various roles in product and customer support, and in engineering technical services. Andy is also an accomplished drummer and music lover. He drinks way too much coffee; so much that he’s never tried an energy drink in fear of spontaneous combustion.

Chris Alfiero

Business Sage, International Man of Mystery


Chris began his career in Pro Audio joining the sales and marketing organization at Electro-Voice in 1990. In 1996, he moved to Europe and, along with a small team, managed the EV brand for several years. During this time, Chris earned an MBA from the University at Buffalo. From there, he pursued a number of projects, including a Biotech startup which resulted in licensing liquid media technology to industry for stem cell and immune system cell research. Since 2003, Chris has worked with his father in investment management including private equity investments. After meeting up with Stephen and David during the summer of 2007, an opportunity to re-enter the pro audio industry emerged. In 2008, Chris provided investment capital to help form Fulcrum Acoustic.

David Gunness

Vice President of R&D, Lead Product Designer, Photographer, Copy Writer, Ambassador to Italy, Facilities Maintenance, Director of Calculus, Technical Writer, Lead Coffee Maker


While at the University of Wisconsin, David covered part of his expenses by singing and playing guitar over loudspeakers of his own construction. Upon graduation, he made a go as a pro loudspeaker designer at Electro-Voice and later at Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). David holds patents on several inventions and writes technology whitepapers (many published by AES). He has invented a number of technologies used in our products including our proprietary Temporal Equalization (TQ), our patented Passive Cardioid Technology™, and the Oculus Phase Plug™ used in our AH series. Our comprehensive range or coaxial products is unique in the industry, offering many driver sizes/configurations and horn patterns; this is made possible by the combination of TQ™ and new approaches to coaxial driver design.


Stephen Siegel

President, Prince of Paperwork, Business Mastermind


Stephen has always been interested in music and technology. While an Electrical Engineering and music student at the University of Rochester/Eastman School of Music, he worked as a recording engineer at Eastman’s multi-track recording studios. It was this experience that led Stephen to a career in professional audio and acoustics. He oversees Marketing, Sales, and Purchasing, as well as plays a pivotal role in customer support, new business, and product development. Previously, Stephen spent over a decade as a consultant designing acoustics and audio systems, and held executive positions at Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) / Loud Technologies and Ashly Audio. Stephen remains active in music performance as keyboard player for several Jazz and R&B groups in the Rochester, NY area.

Loudspeaker design hasn’t always been an exact science, but it has for us. Since 2008, Fulcrum Acoustic has gained a reputation as a leading innovator in loudspeaker design. Leveraging the creative genius and expertise of legendary audio professionals, Fulcrum continuously raises the bar in loudspeaker technology. Our unique approach to loudspeaker design can be found in distinguished and demanding venues worldwide, from performing arts centers and houses of worship, to hospitality venues and sporting facilities.


Fulcrum Acoustic co-founder David Gunness began his career designing loudspeakers for Electro-Voice, then became an innovative force at Eastern Acoustic Works. Dave formed Fulcrum Acoustic with co-founder/president Stephen Siegel to continue his career-long pursuit of creating new and better loudspeakers by marrying innovative acoustical design with advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques; these are the hallmark of Fulcrum Acoustic products. Temporal Equalization (TQ), pattern-control coaxial drivers (CX/DX/GX/RX/FX series), the Oculus Phase Plug(AH and AHS series), low-turbulance ports (US Series Subwoofers) and Passive Cardioid Technology (FL, CCX and CS series) all draw from his extensive experience with driver design, loudspeaker design and DSP/filter design and optimization.

Fulcrum Acoustic products are designed and built in Whitinsville, Massachusetts (USA). Establishing manufacturing operations in the United States allows Fulcrum Acoustic to offer customers faster turnarounds and greater flexibility than existing suppliers.

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