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  • M6 points are M6 x 1.0 thread pitch. Use a bolt with a with a 25-30 mm shank length.
  • M8 points are M8 x 1.25 thread pitch. Use a bolt a with a 31-35 mm shank length.
  • M10 points are M10 x 1.5 thread pitch. Use a bolt with a 35-40 mm shank length.
  • M12 points are M12 x 1.75 thread pitch. Use a bolt with a 38-45 mm shank length.

Note that the accessory plates used in FA Series products have a sealed M10 x 1.5 thread pitch. Use bolts with a 15-22 mm shank length.

Eye bolts must have a shoulder pattern and be rated for overhead lifting.

Most Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers are provided with threaded inserts which are intended to be used with customer-supplied hardware to permanently mount the loudspeaker enclosures. These threaded inserts are engineered to support ONLY the weight of their own enclosure. No additional load-bearing capability is either certified or recommended. This means these inserts must not be used to support any additional weight, such as another loudspeaker when used in an array.

An exception is the FL283 line array, which are provided with integral rigging designed so that no enclosure bears the weight of any other enclosure. Instead, the hardware itself extends through each enclosure to support the weight of under-hung enclosures up to its Working Load Limit. You must use the FL283 Aiming Wizard to calculate rigging stresses encountered with a specific array design before suspending the loudspeakers.

YK Series yoke brackets are primarily intended for overhead, ceiling-mounted applications. The yoke brackets may be attached directly to structure or suspended via 1/2″ threaded rod or pipe.

Loudspeakers weighing less than 40.0 lb / 18.1 kg may be mounted horizontally to a wall using a YK Series yoke mount. Vertical mounting is not recommended. Due to the wide variety of wall construction techniques some additional 3rd party hardware may be required to spread the load across multiple wall studs. It is the responsibility of the installer to provide a properly engineered solution.

Yes. All YK yoke brackets are zinc plated followed by a zinc-rich primer followed by a weather-proof powder coat.

Nuetrik NL4 speakON connectors are standard. Terminal/barrier strip connectors may be ordered as a no-cost option. WR (weather resistant) loudspeakers ship with a terminal/barrier strip connector plus an input cover plate. WR loudspeakers may be optionally ordered with an affixed, user-defined length of SJOW cable. Please contact the factory for pricing and details.

The speakON pin configuration is listed on page 1 of a product spec sheet under the Physical Specifications heading. A block connection diagram is shown on either page 3 or 4. The pin configuration is also listed on a product’s input label.

  • Full range, single-amplified loudspeakers use Pin 1+/- for input. Pin 2+/- is a loop-thru.
  • Full range, bi-amplified loudspeakers use Pin 1+/- for the LF transducer and Pin 2+/- for the coaxial (HF/LF) or HF transducer.
  • Single transducer subwoofers use Pin 1+/- for input. Pin 2+/- is a loop-thru.
  • Dual transducer subwoofers use Pin 1+/1 for Woofer #1 and Pins 2+/- for Woofer #2. The exception to this is the dual 8 inch US208, which uses Pin 1+/- for input. Pin 2+/- is again a loop-thru.

Most unpowered loudspeakers may be constructed of WR materials. Pricing and lead times are subject to type and quantity of product on an order. Please contact the factory for details. Our WR treatment is consistent with achieving IP 55. See:

Standard WR loudspeakers ship with an aluminum input cover plate. The plate has a 0.875 in / 22.2 mm through hole which accepts a user-supplied 0.5 in / 12.7 mm trade size cord grip. Cord grips should be specified to match input cable diameter. An example may be found here:

Yes in most cases. There is a setup charge per color and an upcharge per unit. Delivery lead time will be quoted at time of order. A color specification and paint sample are required for color matching and QC purposes. Please contact us for details.

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