Williston High School

Designed and Installed by Peterson Audiovisual Consulting

An oil boom spurred by technological advancements in petroleum development resulted in explosive growth for Williston, North Dakota. To accommodate a 60 percent surge in student enrollment between 2009 and 2016, the city’s school district built a new $70 million high-tech, high school. Tasked with designing sophisticated yet easy-to-use sound systems for the school’s auditorium, gymnasium and music room, Peterson Audiovisual Consulting principal Dave Peterson specified Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers


  • Williston High School required compact and powerful loudspeakers capable of providing intelligibility, sonic accuracy, and consistent coverage for a variety of applications
  • The school’s sound systems needed to be highly reliable under heavy usage, and easy for administration and other non-technical users to operate


As Williston High School strives “to educate with the highest level of technology,” Dave Peterson had technology foremost in mind in meeting their acoustical needs. He based his designs on Fulcrum’s TQ InstallTM coaxial loudspeakers and horn systems which provide performance and technology unlike other 2-way systems.

For the auditorium, Peterson deployed left/right clusters of Fulcrum AH96 coaxial horns under Sub218 direct-radiating subwoofers, as well as two compact CX1295 12-inch coaxial speakers for rear fills. Ten CX1595 15-inch coaxial loudspeakers reinforce music and speech for the gymnasium floor and bleachers. In the music room, left/right GX1277 (75° x 75°) coaxial speakers provide coverage optimized to the shape of the room.

“Fulcrum’s innovative loudspeakers provide great coverage and sound fantastic across the entire frequency range regardless of volume,” enthuses Williston director of bands and theater Eric Rooke. “I never would have believed that our gym and music room could sound every bit as good as our school auditorium. Fulcrum’s phenomenal sound quality and plug-and-play functionality are a perfect fit for our amazing new high school.”

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Fulcrum’s innovative loudspeakers provide great coverage and sound fantastic across the entire frequency range regardless of volume

Dave Peterson, Peterson Audiovisual Consulting

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