Randal Tyson Track Center

Designed by WJHW
Installed by Keystone Digital

The Randal Tyson Track Center at the University of Arkansas features a 200 meter, 60 degree banked track along with men’s and women’s jumping runways and pits. It is considered one of the premier indoor track and field venues in the world, having hosted 65% of all current NCAA Championship meet records as well as numerous world and American records. A recent remodel of the facility included replacing the sound system with a Fulcrum Acoustic-based system.


  • The original sound system utilized a center cluster of loudspeakers. Coverage and control from this system was inadequate resulting in excessive sound energy reflecting off the ceiling which led to unsatisfactory speech intelligibility. The primary goal for a new audio system was to improve coverage and control, thereby improving intelligibility of speech and clarity of music.


To accomplish the sound system goals, WJHW designed a system based on 27 Fulcrum Acoustic FH1566 Full Range Coaxial Horn loudspeakers in a distributed pattern around the perimeter of the track. These loudspeakers provided coverage for the bleacher seating. The eight additional FH1566s were installed along the centerline of the infield and facing straight down to provide coverage for those competing. The broadband pattern control from the FH1566 was the perfect choice for the direct coverage that Designer Kevin Day was looking for on this project. EASE modeling assisted with the selection of correct horn patterns and location/orientation of the loudspeaker; all of which are essential to achieving proper coverage and intelligibility. “We have good faith in the data for Fulcrum Acoustic products,” said Day. “If it looks good in EASE, we know it will sound great in the field.”

The FH15 series provides high output and extended low-frequency response while only requiring a single amplifier channel, resulting in a very efficient system. Additionally, the compact size provides a clean aesthetic without interfering with the sight lines from the elevated viewing positions along the side.

Project Details

LocationFayetteville, Arkansas
MarketSports Stadiums and Arenas
Type5,500 seat indoor track
Fulcrum Products(35) FH15 – Full-Range Coaxial Horn
Supporting ProductsQSC Q-SYS DSP & Amplifiers

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