Heritage Apostolic Church

Designed and Installed by Simon Productions

Leaders at Heritage Apostolic Church decided to build a new sanctuary to fit their modern worship style as their congregation continued to grow beyond their original location. Their new church is an open two story space with tiered seating along the stairways on either side. The stairways lead to a small balcony that wraps around the back of the room with two rows of seating. When designing the church, extra care was put into acoustics. Room geometries were developed to reduce standing waves while padded chairs and carpeting helped to reduce reverberation.


  • Multiple levels of seating and a large, open space require strict pattern control to concentrate sound on the congregation.
  • The location and shallow depth of the altar requires broad band directional control to keep sound energy off the altar.


Terry Stewart from Simon Productions flew 16 FL283T Dual 8″ Subcardioid Line Array Modules in two separate arrays of 8 on either side of the altar as the main loudspeakers. The FL283T provides the throw and tight vertical dispersion needed to distribute uniform coverage to the floor, stairway, and balcony seats without energizing the full vertical expanse of the space.

Fulcrum Acoustic’s Passive Cardioid Technology controls the rear low frequency radiation in the FL283Ts thereby providing the broadband control needed for the project. Additionally FW15 Coaxial Cardioid Stage Monitors were selected for use on the altar. The Passive Cardioid feature allows the FW15s to provide precise control, resulting in better separation for different monitor mixes and better control of offaxis spill.

Stewart installed four of Fulcrum’s US221-2 Dual 21″ Direct Radiating Subwoofers directly into the front of the altar in their own insulated wall niches. Two of the US221-2s were coupled in the center of the room while the other two were deployed on either side.

The wide dispersion of the S Dual 8” Coaxial Loudspeakers allowed for three of them to provide front fill for congregants approaching the altar. This area is otherwise outside of the coverage of the main FL283T arrays. The coaxial drivers of the S loudspeakers provide stable, high fidelity imaging at close range which is ideal for their placement at the lip of the altar.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the sound of this Fulcrum system,” says Pastor Kyle Flowers. “We had lots of guests from different churches that came to be with us for our first service and everyone was remarking on the clarity and high quality.”

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We had lots of guests from different churches that came to be with us for our first service and everyone was remarking on the clarity and high quality.

Pastor Kyle Flowers

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