Hong Kong’s Times Square

Designed and Installed by Sony Corporation of Hong Kong

Fashioned after its famed New York City namesake, Hong Kong’s Times Square is a thriving, multi-story office tower complex and shopping plaza housing fashion outlets, food stores, restaurants, cinemas and a wide range of specialty shops. Times Square’s street-level open plaza is one of the area’s main gathering points, home to Western-style
New Year’s Eve celebrations, and a year-round calendar of events and exhibitions. The plaza is outfitted with two large video displays with powerful, focused audio provided by Fulcrum Acoustic


High output and directional control were crucial for providing music and voice intelligibility throughout the large open plaza while negotiating the highly reflective glass and hard surfaces of its “vertical mall” architecture.


A pair of Fulcrum AH463 High Efficiency Full-Range Coaxial Horns provides audio coverage for one of the plaza’s large video displays. AH Series loudspeakers are a bi-amplified, 2-way, high sensitivity, arrayable coaxial horn systems that provide precise pattern control to below 400 Hz, low frequency extension to below 80 Hz, and extremely high output with modest amplifier power. They are particularly effective in acoustically challenging spaces that require broadband pattern control and high acoustic output, such as Hong Kong’s Times Square.

Two DX1295 Dual 12 inch Coaxial Loudspeakers were deployed to provide audio coverage for the second, larger video display. DX Series 3-way loudspeakers provide the output and pattern control of two low frequency transducers in an enclosure size that would typically house a conventional 2-way system. They include a single-neodymium-magnet coaxial transducer and a powerful ceramic magnet low frequency transducer. The two low frequency devices both operate down to the lowest frequencies, resulting in mutual coupling that provides unusually high efficiency and impact in the critical 80 Hz to 500 Hz range.

Project Details

LocationHong Kong, China
MarketUnique Audio Projects
TypeSpeakers for outdoor video display
Fulcrum Products(2) Legacy AH4 Series Loudspeakers
(2) DX12 – Dual 12” Coaxial Loudspeaker
Supporting ProductsLab.gruppen Power Amplifiers
Symetrix DSP

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