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RM Series loudspeakers are 3-way coaxial reference monitors that provide the accuracy, pristine imaging, and precise transient response required of a studio monitor but with the directional control, power handling, and output capability required in larger spaces. RMS Subwoofers are a sonic counterpart to RM Series full range reference monitors. They include innovative, low noise laminar flow ports that permit low frequency extension to the 20 Hz range. Both are typically installed behind perforated cinema screens or acoustically transparent cloth, flush-mounted in walls, or mounted in free space in A/V studio control rooms. They include on-board TQ™ Level 1 digital signal processing and Powersoft amplification. A full complement of input filters and delay, as well as signal levels and amplifier status, may be accessed via Ethernet, using Armonia Pro Audio Suite™control software. In addition, a pre-output EQ stage is available for programming custom presets. These presets may be saved and later recalled using the back panel Preset Select button or software.

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