Valencia Shores Social Hall

Project Profile
Designed and Installed by Professionally Installed Electronix

This 10,000 square foot ballroom hosts live concerts, lectures, and movies for the residents of Valencia Shores. Over the last twenty years, various renovations to the sound system and to the room itself led to reverberant sound and intelligibility problems. This presented a significant obstacle for the senior residents.


  • The addition of large mirrors and window repairs added reflective surfaces to the space thereby degrading speech intelligibility.
  • Additional loudspeakers were added in an attempt to improve coverage but instead created more reverberation. This further degraded speech intelligibility and overall audio quality.


PIE (Professionally Installed Electronix), based in Pompano Beach, Florida, chose Fulcrum’s FH Full Range Coaxial Horn to improve intelligibility and overall fidelity. FH series loudspeakers combine smooth, natural sound character with extended directional control, an important attribute for maintaining intelligibility in reverberant spaces. The ballroom, with its reflective surfaces and older population required precise pattern control to keep sound focused on the audience area. The CCX1265 Coaxial Cardioid Loudspeakers were added for supplementary coverage where needed. Fulcrum’s Passive Cardioid Technology™ in the CCX1265 helps avoid energizing reflective surfaces by controlling excessive rear LF radiation, thereby allowing for pristine clarity. Sub215 Subwoofers supplement the main speakers to provide full, rich sound for music in addition to spoken word.

“Using Fulcrum’s DSP settings, the system sounded great as soon as we turned it on for the first time,” says installer Eric Manev. “I have never experienced such a natural sound from an initial system before. Most speakers seem to have a more unique character. These were so neutral I was a bit confused at first. Somehow the sound was just part of the room and did not seem to be coming from the speakers at all. I will definitely be recommending solutions by Fulcrum Acoustic to more of my clients.”

Marcy Bader, Social Director at Valencia Shores, agrees. “I really did not believe we could have achieved such a clear, crisp, and balanced sound especially with the obstacles our room possesses,” she says. “Since then we have shown movies, lectures, concerts and all were met with very positive reviews.”

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