Kingdom Life Christian Church

Designed and Installed by Altel Sound Systems

Kingdom Life Christian Church has had several locations as it has grown to accommodate a 2,000 person congregation in its nearly 30 year history. Their current sanctuary is a large rectangular room with a stage built into one of the longer walls.


  • The main cluster of loudspeakers that were originally mounted behind the stage led to unbalanced audio coverage for the congregation.
  • The placement of additional front fill loudspeakers created overlapping audio coverage resulting in intelligibility issues.


“The stage at Kingdom Life Christian Church is carved into one of the longer walls and has a lower ceiling than the congregation,” says Installer Kevin Maxwell. “The main cluster of loudspeakers used to be set up behind the stage and they were so low that we couldn’t get sound to people in the back without blasting the front. The additional front fill loudspeakers only muddled the sound due to overlap.

“I was excited to use Fulcrum for this project,” he continues. “I remember a demo a few years back where another loudspeaker company was showing how loud their speakers can get and it was just too aggressive. Then Fulcrum did their demo and pushed their loudspeakers to the same decibel level but this time it didn’t hurt my ears at all. That’s what initially piqued my interest in their products.”

Kevin Maxwell deployed Fulcrum’s CCX1295 Coaxial Cardioid Loudspeakers in three concentric rings with two fills in the back corners of the room on each side in order to provide full coverage within the wide room. “This project would not work with a single point source or it would be way too loud in order to reach listeners at the back of the room,” says Maxwell.

The Passive Cardioid technology in the CCX helped reduce low frequency spill into delay rings closer to the stage, which interferes with intelligibility. “This is one of the first projects we did with that many CCXs,” says Rich Frembes, the Product Developer at Fulcrum Acoustic. “Normally you have to roll off the low end to keep it from people in the front but it sounds less natural in the back. By using Passive Cardioid this was much easier to tune.”

“I talk to Bishop Ramirez a lot,” mentions a parishioner. “This new system is the first time he has sounded like we are talking face to face when he’s speaking in the microphone. It’s amazing!”

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This new system is the first time he has sounded like we are talking face to face when he’s speaking in the microphone. It’s amazing!

Church Parishioner

Project Details

LocationMilford, Connecticut
TypeWorship Space for 2,000
Fulcrum Products(21) CCX12 – 12” Subcardioid Coaxial Loudspeaker
Supporting ProductsLinea Research Amplifiers

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