Designed and Installed by Taihe Trading Development Co.

Club Ginza is a 3,100 square foot (290 square meter) club and lounge catering to the young population of Wuxi City in China. The new venue was looking for a powerful and intelligible system with great coverage to set their sound system apart from competitors.


The club has high ceilings and uneven walls covered with hard-reflective LED panels. Large structural columns obstruct coverage in certain areas. These conditions presented multiple acoustical challenges.


A distributed system provided the best solution for the room’s layout and the high sound pressure levels (SPLs) required for the club atmosphere. The main area below the DJ booth is covered by two AHC265. Their broadband pattern control is effective in the acoustically challenging space while their high output delivers impactful SPLs. Further back, two FH1596 act as delays. Both the AHC and FH boxes provide extended low frequency response reducing the number of subwoofers needed. CX1226 were installed around the perimeter to fill in coverage behind the obstructive structural columns. Two CX1226 act as DJ booth monitors.

Both the installer and customer were impressed with the system stating that the “sound image is accurate and clear giving people an enveloping feeling.” The high SPLs support the live performances with the distributed system providing even coverage throughout the space.


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