MEP EP#203: Lizard Brain Information – David Gunness of Fulcrum Acoustic (MacroFab Podcast)

Listen to the podcast interview with David Gunness here. 

Podcast Notes

David Gunness

  • Vice President of R&D at Fulcrum Acoustic
  • Lead Product Designer
  • Photographer
  • Copy Writer
  • Ambassador to Italy
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Director of Calculus
  • Technical Writer
  • Lead Coffee Maker

Fulcrum Acoustic

  • Who are they and what do they do?
  • What does it take to get into sound design?
    • Education?
    • Frequency Theory
  • Passive Cardioid Technology
    • Technology to eliminate rear low frequency radiation
      • Where is this an issue?
    • Active solution
    • Passive solution
    • Patent 10,123,111 B2 “Loudspeaker with passive low frequency directional control”
  • Building a better coaxial speaker
    • What is a coax?
    • Beamwidth
    • How is this validated/tested?
  • Manufacturing enclosures with wood
    • Why wood?
    • Sourcing materials
    • General Design
    • Tolerancing considerations?
    • Finishing and Covering
      • Sanding
      • Painting
      • Spraying materials

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