Fulcrum Acoustic Installed at the Parx Casio Beer Garden in Pennsylvania

The Beer Garden at Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA is an outdoor space that is open to the public and available for private parties. It has hosted the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies, and Flyers at various events. One of its more notable features is the retractable roofing system that opens up in multiple sections creating open air spaces within the venue.

Nathan Powell, the Technical Director at Parx Casino was looking for a high output compact system that can handle the elements of an outdoor space while providing high fidelity sound. Additionally, the system had to blend well into the architectural design. “Our owner is very particular about aesthetics,” says Powell. “We wanted these loudspeakers to disappear into the fabric of our building columns while providing high quality audio. They also needed to be weather proof. I knew Fulcrum would be able to help us out.”

Fulcrum Acoustic’s CX series offers multiple coverage patterns while maintaining the benefits of a compact coaxial loudspeaker, making the CX Series an ideal choice for this volatile space. The compact size and 90°x60° dispersion pattern of the CX896 provided the right combination of acoustical and aesthetic attributes. Their surprisingly high output provides the necessary SPL for a wide range of uses with the roof open or closed.

Between the CX Series’ small size and the custom coloring provided by Fulcrum Acoustic, the speakers easily blended into the space. The compact US212 companion subwoofers allowed Parx Casino installers to easily suspend them from the ceiling in order to provide the LF extension necessary for a high quality music experience. Fulcrum’s composite materials ensure that their WR loudspeakers are able to withstand any unexpected bad weather that hits the space. “The entire room can be rained on,” adds Powell. “We’ve had zero problems since these speakers went up and we’re all very pleased. It’s such a relief to have an outdoor space for events that is entirely waterproof.”

For more information, view our case study here.

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