The Summit Church

Designed and Installed by DP Designs

The Summit Church of Durham, North Carolina recently renovated their Blue Ridge campus. They chose DP Design, led by David Price & Terry Rhodes, as their integrator to provide design & integration of a new high quality audio system.


  • The sanctuary had a number of reflective surfaces which can lead to speech intelligibility issues.
  • Smooth and even coverage is difficult to achieve in such a wide room.


The team at DP Design installed an array of four DX1595s above the leading edge of the stage as the main loudspeakers for the installation. The broadband pattern control of the DX1595s provides direct sound to parishioners without splashing sound off of reflective surfaces. “I love the horsepower of the DXs,” says Rhodes. “Between their pattern control and fidelity, they are my favorite loudspeakers from Fulcrum Acoustic.”

Three low profile Sub218L subwoofers were able to fit under the existing stage, saving the need for costly modifications. The subwoofers were spread across the width of the stage. The combination of the DX1595s and Sub218Ls provide the output, fidelity and impact required for the contemporary worship style. The array of DX1595s provided the necessary coverage for the wide seating area.

Six of Fulcrum’s RX599 5″ Coaxial Loudspeakers were installed on the front lip of the stage for front fill. The broad 90 conical pattern of the RX599 is well-suited to near field applications. They provide the necessary output and coverage for the first few rows of seats. The high output delivered within such a compact enclosure at the lip of the stage kept the sight lines clear for parishioners while delivering high fidelity sound.

Four of Fulcrum Acoustic’s CX1295 Compact Coaxial Loudspeakers were flown as a delay ring to cover that back portion of the sanctuary and provide precise control while avoiding reflections.

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I love the horsepower of the DXs. Between their pattern control and fidelity, they are my favorite loudspeakers from Fulcrum Acoustic.

Terry Rhodes, System Designer

Project Details

LocationDurham, North Carolina
TypeFan shaped sanctuary: 92' wide at stage 152' wide at back of room 60' deep
Fulcrum Products(4) DX15 – Dual 15” Coaxial Loudspeaker
(4) CX12 – Compact 12” Coaxial Loudspeaker
(6) RX599 – 5” Coaxial Loudspeaker
(3) Sub218L Dual 18″ Direct-Radiating Subwoofer
Supporting ProductsPowersoft Amplifiers with Dante Network
QSC Core 110

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