St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Designed and Installed by Intermedia Systems Group

Proud of its German heritage, New Ulm, Minnesota, boasts German-style breweries, a 45-foot-tall glockenspiel, a monument to a 9th century German hero – and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. This stately brick church features traditional architecture, with high ceilings, wooden pews, and plenty of plaster and glass.


  • The acoustics were ideal for organ and choir, but speech intelligibility was poor with its old, piecemeal sound system
  • The space was large in terms of cubic volume and very live acoustically
  • The speakers needed to cover the congregation without interfering with sightlines or distracting from the church’s beauty, and without acoustically overexciting the space


System integrator Intermedia Systems Group president Doug Klein recommended replacing the church’s outdated sound system with a unified, clean, clear-sounding, modern system that could handle everything, including delivering highly intelligible spoken word.

Klein’s solution relied on a Fulcrum Acoustic DX1295 loudspeaker for the main, a Fulcrum US212 subwoofer flown with the main above the altar area, and a delayed DX1295 set 40 feet back and centered to cover the balcony and rear seating area. DX 1295s feature dual 12 inch coaxial loudspeakers with a 90° x 45°dispersion pattern and operate between 49 Hz and 19 kHz. The US212 employs dual 12 inch direct radiating subwoofers that go down to 35 Hz. The DX1295s are biamped, creating a 3-way system with the US212. Finally, a pair of Fulcrum RX699s serve as sidefills for the transepts on either side of the altar, providing intelligibility to the side seating areas.

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