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What to Look for When Choosing a Loudspeaker

With today’s technology, it’s possible to put together a fantastic portable loudspeaker system, without breaking the bank – manufacturers today have created loudspeakers for just about every need imaginable. Begin your search for the best fit for your church by making a list of features you need. Here are traits that you might wish to look for.

What Speaker System is Best for Your Space?

When looking to purchase a new sound system for your sanctuary, there are a number of factors to consider. How to choose the correct loudspeaker type from all of the different options on the market?

Controlling Subwoofers

Before we look at controlling subwoofers, it’s essential to understand what a subwoofer is: a loudspeaker dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio bass and sub-bass frequencies, intended to augment the lower end range of loudspeakers systems.

Fulcrum Acoustic Passive Cardioid Loudspeakers Explained

Are passive cardioid loudspeakers a game changer for the pro audio industry? Why?

Implementing TQ™ Processing

At Fulcrum Acoustic, we believe that a loudspeaker manufacturer should understand the challenges facing its customers, and do everything it can to help them meet those challenges. Among other things, this means recognizing that numerous digital signal processors (DSP) are available, and that the best processor for a given application is determined by factors beyond the requirements of the loudspeakers.

Loudspeaker Placement

Speaker placement is an important – and often misunderstood – issue. The “best” loudspeaker in the world may perform poorly if not located correctly.

Subwoofer Series

Everything You Wanted To Know About Subwoofers

The evolution, facts, and theories about subwoofers and the low end of the frequency spectrum.

Inside Passive Cardioid Loudspeaker Technology

An approach for maintaining the directional pattern of high-powered subwoofers and loudspeakers.

The Best Place To Put Subwoofers Is… ?

The most common answer is to put them on the floor. But is it always true?

The “Power Alley,” a.k.a., Troubling Interactions Of Subwoofers

Opposing subs can create regions where LF energy is too hot. Here’s the explanation and some solutions.

The Aux-Fed Subwoofer Technique

Clearing up the confusion as to what this approach actually encompasses and what it accomplishes.

“Run & Gun” Subwoofer Arraying Techniques

Trial and error, plus a willingness to walk around and kick boxes a few feet this way or that, can make a big difference.

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